Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Pampered Chef and Baby Birds

I just started selling with The Pampered Chef, so I have been busy trying to get some cooking shows booked and learning everything I can about it. I am going to school for a degree with a double major in Marketing and Human Resource Management with a minor in Business Administration. A lot of jobs that require this type of degree want you to have some experience in Sales, so I figured selling with the Pampered Chef would be some really great experience. I just had a cooking show on Saturday with my best friends, Lonnie and Bliss. I had a really good time and hope everyone did too. You know, I honestly could not ask for better friends. They are always so supportive of me in whatever I do. Bliss has been telling people that I am doing it and trying to get some shows booked for me. She is so awesome. And Lonnie allowed me to do the cooking show at her house. They are both so fantastic. :)

In other news, there are birds living in my attic and they are driving me completely insane. They have a dance party with all their little bird friends everyday at 3am, so it's totally awesome for me when I am trying to sleep. I swear it sounds like someone is banging on my ceiling. Man, I totally love it so much. I am scared to go up there and "shoo" them out because I can hear that there are baby birds in there as well, and if you have ever dealt with baby birds, momma birds do not like it when you get anywhere near their babies. One time, I saw a cat kill a baby bird and it got attacked by a swarm of birds. So, as you can imagine, I am a little reluctant to just head up in the attic and get my eyeballs poked out. But, I mean, if you totally want to come to my house and do it for me, I will be more than happy to let you!


  1. You need to tell those birds to get a job & start paying rent if they're gonna act like that.

  2. Send one of the dogs up there. They can defend themselves.
    We think you are awesome, too! You did such a good job with your Pampered Chef show. Can't wait to go to more.

  3. Je t'adore, ma petit cheau! Hope you keep up the sales. I enjoy your shows and all your crafty ways! xo

  4. good luck with the Pampered Chef - it sounds like you're getting a lot of support from your friends! As for the birds ... we had squirrels one time who woke us up - they wound up in habitraps and relocated :P