Sunday, January 11, 2009


Last night I celebrated my 25th birthday, since it falls on a Monday this year and Mondays are usually so hectic for me. My best friends Bliss & Lonnie made me the BEST cupcakes ever. Aren't they absolutely adorable?!?! And they were tasty too! Bliss loves to make cupcakes and she always makes the most delicious ones. She also likes to craft. You can check out her blog here and see other cupcakes she has made, as well as projects she has completed. She enjoys cross stitching and embroidering and I think she such an awesome job! I truly have the greatest friends ever. :)


  1. Happy birthday! :D I celebrated my 25th last month, but didn't get AWESOME cupcakes like those! They look just like your avatar. Hehe. Your friends are super talented. Enjoy your bday!

  2. You're such a good friend :D Glad you had a good birthday. Much love x0x0